Teens to 40

“I’m too young for this…”

Were you forty or younger when you were diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer? This section is for you.

We are happy to add this section to the blog to mirror the Teens to 40 section of our main site. Our host for this section is Jennifer Smith, a young woman who is herself living with MBC, and author Learning to Live Legendary — A Memoir.

We wanted to include these stories here on the blog, as well as on the main site, to allow and encourage your comments, questions and sharing. Having MBC is often lonely, but having it as a young woman brings particular challenges.

Each story will have its own link in the drop-down menu for this tab, on the blog’s home page. We will also provide links on the main site.

If you would like to submit your story for this section, please email Jen at 319sinclair@gmail.com. If you have any suggestions about this section of the blog or would like to submit a blog post, please contact Kathi at kk@metavivor-blog.com.

Thank you!

~ Kathi

About Jen Smith & her memoir Learning to Live Legendary.

“Educated as a counselor, Jennifer Smith is an elegant, yet spontaneous conversationalist whose passion is connecting with others. Trained as a counselor to listen, her words are powerful and deeply personal; inviting you to ask and answer those difficult questions that make life meaningful. Her story draws you in, her writing reads like an intimate story from your best friend. Her memoir captures a year of her journey through cancerland and gives an inspirational look at how to truly live legendary while dying.”


2 thoughts on “Teens to 40

  1. I am 40, diagnosed two years ago with MBC. Just learning abaout Metavivor. I live in Mexico City but will like to somehow join the group and be aware of any news related to the diseasse.

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