Personal Expressions

A blog can be many things. A blog like this one, started by an advocacy group, is a lot like a magazine or news source. Like any good source of news and views, we hope to examine many aspects of metastatic breast cancer, as cogently and articulately as we can, in a format that serves our readers.

Originally, blogs were started by individuals, used as personal journals, a place to share thoughts, events, images and creative expression. Such personal expression can be a powerful tool for sorting out feelings and coping with daily challenges. As a support and advocacy organization, we want to encourage that expression and to provide a place where you might share some of your own with our readers.

If you have an essay, poem, image or other piece of creative expression you’d like to share, please send it by email to If the email address link doesn’t take you directly to your email browser, you can right click, copy the shortcut & paste the address instead.

We may be unable to publish everything, but we hope to post as many of your personal expressions as we can. We plan to post these as individual pages, which you will be able to find as a drop-down menu under the ‘Personal Expressions’ tab on our home page.


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